What have you got to lose with The Chubby Challenge?

With The Chubby Challenge you face your friends, family and work colleagues to see who can lose the most over a given period and become the biggest loser!

Make weight loss fun with The Chubby Challenge.

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Record & Watch Your Weight

The Chubby Challenge allows you to record your weight so that you can see your progress (but only you can see your weight!).

Start a New Challenge

Losing weight is much easier when you are doing it with others so start a new challenge and set a realistic end date. Invite family, friends and work colleagues by email or Facebook.

Track Your Progress

As the challenge progresses you can see how you are doing compared to others. The winner of the challenge is the person that loses the most weight by percentage.

Earn Coins and Badges

As you take part in challenges and record your weight you can earn coins that can be used to start new challenges.

The Chubby Challenge is fun and free, so see what you could lose with The Chubby Challenge!

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